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Military Divorce & Related Family Issues Involving the Military
When people who reside in the state of Washington decide to file for a dissolution of marriage (the term “divorce” is not legally recognized in Washington), they have a great deal to consider after making this decision. Even when the former couple is amicable and trying their best to cooperate with one another, the matter can be difficult. This is true for civilian couples, but when people who are serving our country in the armed forces are engaged in the dissolution of marriage process, there are other factors to contend with. Though the matter may not be any more contentious, the legalities surrounding the proceeding are different in some ways, adding an additional layer of complexity to the filing.

There are those who think that a “military divorce” involves the auspices of the armed forced in some way, but this is not the case, even if both people involved are actively serving. The state of residence is the jurisdictional venue for the case, and this issue alone can be clouded by military service. People who are in the military often do not stay in one place for very long, and they may consider their home to be a state that they haven’t physically resided in for years.

Another factor that applies to military divorces is the application of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (which was revised in 2003 and previously called the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940). Part of the SCRA states that servicemembers who are actively deployed need not address any civil actions that have been filed against them until they have served their term of duty. This means that a person who is deployed by the military can delay responding to an action for dissolution of marriage until he or she is no longer on active duty.

Yet another issue that is unique to those serving our country revolves around the potential for the state of Washington to award a former partner a share of the military pension that is due his or her former spouse. This is covered in the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA), and this is something that every former military couple should examine as they move forward with their dissolution of marriage proceeding.

When you are facing a military divorce and/or other related family issues involving the military, always consult with a Tacoma WA divorce lawyer who has a background handling these types of cases.

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